The Wind and the Rudder is an inspirational and instructive work on “How to live joyfully in the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Dan Smith is not an armchair theoretician; he has experienced and practiced the life in the Spirit he writes about.  I encourage all who are thirsty to experience more of God to make The Wind and the Rudder a priority read.

Berten Waggoner
National Director
Vineyard USA

This is a very well written and timely book . I recommend it to anyone who longs to know and experience more of the Holy Spirit.

Vinson Synan
Dean Emeritus
Regent University
School of Divinity (Virginia Beach)

The New Testament envisions a conversational relationship with the Holy Spirit that builds up the church and provides gifts and power to serve the world. But many of us have a difficult time finding such a relationship. It seems too hard to navigate waters that easily become weird. And it surely can invite controversy. But we have no choice. There can be no Christianity without the Holy Spirit front and center. If you are being led to explore the person and work of the Holy Spirit, Dan Smith, while you may not agree with every word he writes, is a veteran and reliable guide.

Todd Hunter
Anglican Bishop
Past President, Vineyard Churches USA
Past President, Alpha USA
Author: Our Favorite Sins (2012, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

If the Spirit-led life has baffled you at times, this book is the key to unlock those mysteries. In my 20 years of ministry I have yet to run across a writing that so brilliantly explains the complexities of what it means to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit like The Wind and the Rudder does.  Dan Smith has penned a book for ministers and lay people that will enhance your walk with the Lord and give the biblical balance that is so needed in the lives of the 21st century Christ-follower. Pick it up today, read it tomorrow, and begin putting it into practice the next day.

Aaron Dunn
Pastor of Assimilation and Volunteer Ministries
Phoenix First Assembly, Phoenix Arizona

The Lord is about to pour out His Spirit in new and amazing ways. Most Christians are excited about this, but are unaware that God wants to use them. Dan’s book, The Wind and The Rudder will not only open your eyes to see what God has already begun to do in our generation, but it will cause you to hunger for all that He has for you and it will teach you how to be prepared and equipped so you can step into your destiny, so your life can make a difference on earth for such a time as this.

Rick Taylor
Director of the Healing Rooms
of the Santa Maria Valley

Dan Smith’s book is a welcome and timely contribution to the Church. His passion for God and heart for people shine through each page as he shares with us his insight on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Stemming from a lifetime of ministry, deep prayer, biblical study and personal experience, Smith inspires us to embrace our identity as persons empowered and led by the Spirit. This book is not only for those who wish to be better equipped for ministry, but for anyone who wishes to deepen their sensitivity to and understanding of God’s personal and active presence in the person of the Spirit.

Marèque Steele Ireland,
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Theology
Fuller Theological Seminary

Dan is a spiritual father many of us would like be associated with and I highly recommend all believers and ministers alike to read this book.

Patrick Baligasima
Discipleship Missions Int. (Uganda)

The Wind and the Rudder gives you great biblical foundation for living a life directed by the Holy Spirt. Dan Smith has a way of making things naturally supernatural. Full of foundational teaching, practical stories, and examples from history. Your life will never be the same!

Doug Addison
Author of the book Personal Development God’s Way

The Greek word translated “disciple” (mathetes) literally means “learner”. Dan Smith is a long-term learner. This book is not theoretical; it comes out of practical experience putting the Word of God to work. I have worked with Dan for 9 years and have found him to be a practitioner of the things he writes about in this book. The word “balance” well describes him: he goes all out for the things God puts on his heart and he doesn’t permit success to influence his ability to assess things maturely. You will enjoy the forthright stories in this book as well as the conclusions Dan draws out of them. If you put them into practice you’ll find that this book has changed your life.

Rev. Mike Flynn
Founder and Director of FreshWind Ministries

Scripture says there is a river that makes glad the people of God. That river is the Holy Spirit. The early church learned to work with the Spirit, and that made all the difference. Dan gives us clear instructions, personal experience and wonderful stories that will help us navigate the river of God in the coming harvest revival. Every move of God has been challenging for me. Some I know rejected the very thing they prayed for because like Israel of old they did not recognize the Day of Visitation. Who expected tongues of fire, or looking like a drunken man? No one, it was all new, and nothing much in Joel 2 mentions what really happened on Pentecost, but Peter preached this is what Joel prophesied. Dan’s book if believed will help us not miss our Day of Visitation.

Rick Wright
Senior Pastor of The Gathering Place
Studio City, Calif.

It is impossible to describe all that began on that morning when God dramatically walked into my life and changed everything. It was as if liquid love was poured all over me! This was the beginning of a powerful, lengthy encounter with the living God that changed my life. It launched the Spanish-Christian radio ministry of Radio Nueva Vida and an intimate love affair that is my highest treasure.

During this time I was told: “As I touched you, I’m coming to touch others. The King is coming, prepare the way.”

For this reason I enthusiastically recommend The Wind and the Rudder. For those with eyes to see, you will receive a picture of what the Spirit of Jesus is preparing for His beloved Bride. Biblical and historical examples of the work of His Spirit are woven throughout the pages. The author is a seeker; a man of integrity whom I have known for 25 years. Maturity and spiritual sensitivity will be needed for the glorious days ahead. Like a compass, The Wind and the Rudder points us to the coming King.

Phil Guthrie
Founder and President, Radio Nueva Vida

If there is ever a time for a powerful book like this, that time is now! The Wind and the Rudder is an amazing reminder that, as we “do life”, there is a wonderful helper that empowers us to fulfill our promised destiny – a destiny we were not created to fulfill alone. So sit back, and allow God, through His Spirit, to fill your sail with an undeniable power, which will revive you and bring joy back into the journey.

Jason Bridge, Senior Pastor
Word of Life Family Church, Phillips, WI

A warm and passionate testimony to the creative, renewing energy of the Holy Spirit, drawing on years of pastoral experience. At a time when the Church desperately needs to “sail with the wind”, there is much here to ponder and take to heart.

Jeremy Begbie, Duke University